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A Small Sample of Notes from the Beach Loft Guest Journal

Dear Maria and David,

We had a lovely week here in the Barn Loft. We really appreciated the intimate charm of this caringly arranged space; your warm welcome; the beauty of the environment outside; and the creative vibrations emanating from below. We hope to return...thank you both!

Hyde Meissner & Ed Rayner


Dear Maria David Corey and Evan,

Even if we didn't love you all so much we would still have had a wonderful time and a glorious rest in this charming and comfortable abode. And that doesn't include the view!

Mom and Dad Irrera


Dear Maria and David,

What a busy and beautiful week we have had! Your beach loft was a wonderful haven at the end of each day. I think we tried to cover too much territory—but it was all so beautiful. Kathy and I are sorry we didn't see more of you and the boys. When we come back we will certainly be in touch. Your loft will always be a special memory! Thank You.

Beth Arrington & Kathy Carter


Dear David and Maria,

I have been coming to Maine for more then a decade now but staying in your Beach Loft has made this years trip a whole different experience. Having a great place to stay and your friendly, warm family to chat with and, of course, Emma's help foraging for rocks and shells at the beach~ well it makes it feel like a home.In fact—I'd like my home to feel more like your loft. The awsome ocean view combined with all the nice touches show how much care went into creating this wonderful barn and make for a very warm writing space. A week didn't seem long enough somehow! Thanks for some great memories that I'll carry with me untill I return next fall. Stay well. Thank you.



Dear Maria,

We had such a wonderful weekend here in lincolnville, it was just the little getaway that George and I needed. This loft is ideal, and i hope that we get the chance to return again someday. Good luck with your web designing adventures. I am sure they will be both extremely frustrating and satisfying (@ least i knoe mine are—ha!)

Take care,

George and Audry


David and Maria

Thank you for a wonderful stay in your loft. It was the perfect plsce to stay while visiting the Maine Coast. I couldn't believe all the little details that you provided for our comfort. The decor is charming. We would reccomend this to all of our friends in Iowa as a great accomodation. Thanks again.

Mike and Sue Peterson


Maria & David (&family)-

Thank you so much for everything! We had such a great time here—we are already trying to figure out when we will be able to come back.

Its such a wonderful thing you guys are doing here—oprning up your home so others can experience this wonderful place. We wish we would have spent more time talking with you guys. You all seem to have a lot to share and we would have liked to enjoy that more. maybe next time...

We're leaving you some marigold seeds for you to plant and enjoy. (They were a favor at our wedding) We also noticed the toy collection downstairs and thought we'd leave you one of ours. We know both will have a good home here.

We look forward to visiting again. Thank you once more.

Jennifer and Will Rote


Maria and David,

We had a blast here! We loved the seascape view from the balcony. The sounds from the sea and the occasional acorn dropping on the roof! It was definitely a week "away." You are a friendly and wonderful family. Thank you for this opportunity. We will tell everyone about your loft.

Stephanie and Bonnie Dubé


Maria, David, and boys,

From the moment we stepped into the Loft we knew we had found a gem of a place to stay for our week in Maine. From the fine linens & carefully arranged towels to the beautifull knotty pine interior, told us yours is a special place. We enjoyed meeting you and talking about computers and art, and david's adventures with music and skateboards! Your boys are polite and I really enjoyed them. We enjoyed being here. Thank you.

Lisa and Carr



Tomorrow I leave, it seems as if I just arrived. The week has passed so quickly- from the peaceful "apt" I have called home, to the sea show that touches the spirit, but mostly to the friendship that is unfolding, I feel blessed to have been here. Thank you for being you.



Maria and David,

We are really happy to have found you on the internet, what a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the beautiful Penobscot Bay area. We felt right at home in your cozy and comfortable loft. Everything is so thoughtfully arranged. We take lots of happy memories back with us to Toronto.

Best regards,


p.s. thank you for letting us sample your delicious vegetables.

Thanks for a nice week,



Hi Maria! This has been a perfect retreat place for us and we had a great few days. I want to compliment you on how well supplied this loft is. We've rented in other spots in Maine and elsewhere and you've done an especially good job of making it easy for transients to move in with a minimum of fuss—Thank you!

Happy New year!

Sue & Doug

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